Rod and reel catfish guide trips for blue catfish can be found all year very long. The catfish that is blue the types of option for a number of our customers. These seafood hit hard, they fight difficult and they are for sale in big figures regarding the lakes we provide our guided catfishing trips on. We catch a lot of catfish between one and ten pounds and trophy catfish are typical all year very long not in the top season for trophy cats.

On rod and reel fishing trips for catfish we proceed with the pattern that is current blue catfish making use of pole and reel baited with fresh caught shad, cut bait or also prepared bait often times Most of these kitties will average between two and ten pounds with a few bigger ones blended in!

The bite is great all round but the peak season for catching huge numbers of blues is in the spring from March through May year. Our springtime shallow water trips produce fast and furious action that will blow you away!

It is not your granddaddies catfishing. When you have a picture of us lazily hanging a cane pole throughout the region of the motorboat through the night close to a radiant lantern looking forward to a bite to take place you couldn’t become more wrong. We utilize our Humminbird 1198 electronic devices and regular patterns of blues to pattern and see them through the entire 12 months and will also be surprised at precisely how and where we go about getting blues through the entire year.

Texas Trophy Blue Catfish

Trophy catfish on rod and reel are caught on our catfish guide trips throughout the year however the most useful time of the season to a target trophy course blue catfish on rod and reel come from October through March using the best possible times being from mid November until mid March.

Once again, we catch trophy course blue kitties on our trips throughout the year however the cooler months would be the time when they’re a lot easier to pattern and we also catch the greatest amounts of trophy class blue catfish on our catfish guide trips.

The lakes we fish are high in trophy catfish that is blue big figures and these seafood are recognized to develop more than 100 pounds. Blue catfish into the 20-50 lb range have become typical and seafood over 40 pounds are caught for a frequent foundation through the cooler months. We can do that too if you want to catch some numbers of “keeper” fish while targeting trophy class catfish!

We choose the catfish guide trips for trophy catfish that is blue on Eagle hill Lake, Lake Worth and Lake Lewisville since these generally speaking create the very best but can truly provide these trips on a few of the other area lakes.

Most catfish guide trips where we target trophy catfish exclusively typical between five and seven catfish between twenty and forty pounds, but this can be simply an average. Some times will create more plus some full times will produce less.

All catfish over 10 pounds are released after photographs. We are going to just take lots of pictures of both you and your seafood on our catfish guide trips and can cheerfully just simply take appropriate dimensions and paperwork for a reproduction mount we put all of these big fish back to assure good fishing for future generations if you want but. It has been our policy for more than a decade now and then we are content to complete our component to advertise preservation of trophy catfishing.

Provide us with a shout if you’d like to get the full story or ask concern or go ahead and check always out more trophy blue catfish information here.

Texas Channel Catfish

For fast action and big variety of channel catfish certainly are a option that is great target on guided catfishing trips with North Texas Catfish Guide Service. Channel catfish are abundant in most regarding the lakes we provide our catfish guide trips on.

Channel catfish on Texas lakes typically average between one and five pounds and channel catfish typically create really action that is fast. We use ultra light tackle and a catfish that is pop over to this website highly effective we’ve developed called the trick Channel Catfish Rig for fast and furious catfishing action for channel catfish on area lakes.

These seafood fight difficult and they are simple enough to catch sok the answers are typically quite good on our guided catfishing trips. if you like quick action and lots of fish then a guided channel catfishing trip might be an excellent fit for you personally. During top times it is really not unusual to get up to 100 channel catfish in a early morning of fishing.

. Texas Flathead Catfish

If big catfish are your thing many people choose fishing for trophy catfish that is blue the action is significantly faster but we additionally provide directed catfishing trips for flathead catfish on north texas area lakes.

Flathead catfish have big, they bite difficult and so they battle even harder, nevertheless the action that is best typically comes in the night, during the night or early in the morning. Fishing for flathead catfish is slow fishing and needs persistence and determination and waiting around for that big flathead to hit.

As soon as the right time comes the payoff is huge but this particular fishing isn’t for all. Fishing for flathead catfish with us is most beneficial throughout the warmer months typically from March to October.